Branding, in and of Itself, Is a Violent Activity

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Branding, in and of itself, is a violent activity

The word “branding” gets thrown around a lot in marketing circles. “How can we get people to interact with our brand?”

I thought it was worth reminding everyone that a brand is really a red-hot logo on a stick that is seared into livestock’s hide to keep people from stealing them. It hurts. A lot.

No one in their right mind would want to interact with a brand, unless it was a mark they really wanted to wear. Forever.

Most of the branding we engage in involves products and services people don’t really care enough to burn into their back.

So ask yourself, would my customer give themselves a permanent 3rd degree burn with your product logo? If not, maybe you should spend more money on quality, customer services and other stuff. Just a thought on a Saturday afternoon. I’ll change my tune by morning.

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