CEO vs. Action Figure

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Now with golden parachute action!

I grew up with action figures. Star Wars, mostly, with the occasional foray into G.I. Joe, Transformers and He-Man. To my knowledge, none of these genres carried a CEO figure.

Why is that? Because kids don’t dream about being the head of a major corporation. They dream about being a hero. They dream about using super powers to solve problems and rescue the people of Megalopolis from the dreaded Stinky Mantis Man from Mt. Rushmore.

Does that mean that the CEO is irrelevant? Heck no. But it’s easy to see that the best CEOs are the one that are passionate about something other than being “in charge.”

Jobs, Bezos, Branson and others are dreamers in areas other than simply making money. They want their companies to swoop in and solve problems or create things that make people do a double-take and say “Holy cow, Jimmy! Look at THAT!”

So stop worrying about the org chart of how many rungs from the top of the ladder you are. Ask yourself, “what’s wrong with this ladder?” Or better yet, “How does this ladder help people? How does it make life better?”

Be a superhero, not an empty suit.

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