New Report: Nearly 50 MM Americans Create Web Content

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That’s right, 50,000,000! That’s according to the Pew & American Life Project.

The Web is becoming more participatory and users seem to be very willing to contribute. From the article:

“[The Web is] shifting now to user-generated content; it shows people engaging with the Internet in a number of different ways in their lives,” said John Horrigan

Even more salient for the higher ed market:

“Online content comes more often from younger people”

So there you have it folks, younger people (probably college-aged) are ready, willing and expecting to interact with your Web site. This goes beyond clicks and navigation. They want to ask a question and get an answer. They want to say “great job” or “fix this.”

Take a look at your Web site, is it easy for your customers to interact with your site? Is it easy to scan for information? Can visitors easily contact you? Do you reply? Do you have a blog? Do you monitor your blog? The Web is the single largest piece of your communications mix and often the first touchstone for your brand, make sure you leave a good impression.

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