Q&A: Search Engine Traffic and Blog Post Frequency

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From great comments and questions comes great fodder for blog posts.

The first question comes from yesterday’s post on search engines. Chris asks:

But webmaster, your stats seem to indicate that 99.7% of our traffic comes from a search engine. Aren’t there some visitors that just come here because they know about us already? Or, what about someone like me that has a page in the www.bus.wisc.edu domain set as their homepage, so I visit like a bajillion (also a math thing) times per day? Is this an example of the skewed statistics that [insert partisan talk show host] keeps warning me about?

Excellent question. I’ll try to clarify.

The percentages given are for people who are referred from search engines only. We had about 350,000 page views in October. Of those page views, we received about 16,000 referrals from search engines.

The point about internal traffic is a valid one. There are many computers within Grainger Hall that have their browsers default to a specific page on the School of Business site. Any time someone fires up a browser, it counts as a page view. Perhaps this is a policy we should look at. On one hand, we don’t want extra pageviews. On the other, we don’t want to discount valid internal traffic.

Today’s second question comes from John regarding blog post frequency:

While I see compelling reasons for professionals and faculty to blog, could you provide some more information on the posting frequency and quality expectations of most blog readers?

My answer to this is going to be a bit of a cop-out. I did what many users do and asked the great technical guru, Google, “What is the recommended blog posting frequency?”

The initial answer was a bit surprizing: Blog Posting Frequency Doesn’t Matter Anymore. I wouldn’t have guessed that.

Then I found some contrarian commentary in a post on ProBlogger, that addresses the intent and goals for the blog as an bellwether of how frequently you should post.

My personal feeling, in the context of the university, is that if you choose to blog, you should choose a frequency and stick to it. I have blogs that I read that update several times a day and some that update biweekly. The key is that they’re consistent and I know when to check back.

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