Start Digging Some Nerd Holes

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Start digging some nerd holes

Famous words from Bart Simpson. I think they reflect the frustration people often feel when they deal with those who are heavily technological in nature. People who lace every sentence with jargon that has meaning only to them. To the average person, this odd dialect is both unnerving and maddening.

It’s unnerving because we realize how much we don’t know about computers, astrophysics and obscure Japanese animae. Let alone how they are all interrelated on a fundamental level.

We’re maddenned by nerd lingo because technology has so complicated our lives and we suspect that the nerd lingo itself is the root cause.

Fear not, good citizen. Not all technology is impossibly complex, and there are good nerds behind it. They get it and they want to make your life easier. So before you make plans to air-drop your IT department into an ammunition dump, remember that it’s much cheaper to buy them a case of Mt. Dew and a copy of the Life of Brian on Blue Ray.

I never said all these posts would be good :)

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