Zeus Starts a Blog

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Zeus starts a blog

Another gouache experiment from the same session as “Let’s make it slower and more complicated.” The doodle was inspired by a Spongebob Squarepants episode. Stop laughing. Seriously, I’ll tell you about it if you stop laughing.

In the episode, Poseidon challenges Spongebob to a crabby patty-making contest. While Poseidon quickly assembles the requisite number of  patties to win, they are wholly inedible.

My point? I was afraid you’d ask that.

Blogging, like crabby patties, ain’t magic. You can’t set up a blog and magically become a blogger. Believe me I know. You only have to review my post frequency to realize that I struggle mightily with blogging and doodling consistently. I could rationalize and tell you that I only wait until I have something really important to say. But then you’d actually read the blog and call shenanigans on me.

So, as Steven Pressfield says, Do the Work. That’s my advice for the day. It ain’t easy, but it feels good when you’re done.

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